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Our projects

Target 2023: €2000 | Raised: €655,90

Target 2023: €2000
Raised: €655,90

Donated 33%
Medical Assistance

Besides HIV/AIDS people often have other health problems. Light to Shine Foundation provides medical help which people severely need. From hospital visits to medicins or examinations.  

Target 2023: €1500| Raised: €530

Target 2023: €1500
Raised: €530

Donated 35%
Nutritional Support

Imagine having to take heavy medication every day on an (almost) empty stomach. Or being seriously ill, but not having enough food… That is exactly the reason why we provide food aid!

Target 2023: €200 | Raised: €100

Target 2023: €200
Raised: €100

Donated 50%

Not just practical help, but also spiritual help! To let the light of Christ shine so that people can regain hope.


Tjeerd and Joanne

We support Light to Shine Foundation in order to make forgotten people seen and to make sure that they receive the much needed care!


Aart and Lianne

We are supporting Light to Shine Foundation because we see how much they are involved and how carry out their mission with passion. They are always looking for improvement of the situation their patients are in, whatever the situation might be.


Matthijs and Ilse

We are supporting Elijah and Willianne for years now. The way they carry out their mission gives us trust that they use our donations in the right place. They take  care of the vulnerable in a faithful, patient and passionate way.


Teunis and Debora

From day 1 we have been sponsors of Light to Shine Foundation. Prayer is essential for this mission work. Elijah and Willianne are go-getters. Deeply rooted in Christ they conquer the storms on their path. The mission of Light to Shine Foundation is literally life saving and of eternal importance.


Edwin Kipsang

Light to Shine Foundation has come to give hope to the hopeless; to improve people’s lives by helping them stand up strong and be courageous to face their challenges!