The board of Light to Shine Foundation is overseeing the work of the ministry. Meet our board members:

Edwin Kipsang


Edwin Kipsang Too is a pastor at AIC, he is married to Nancy and they are blessed with a son and daughter and take care of foster son. Edwin has a passion for the work in Gods kingdom and loves serving the Lord and the people around him. The reason why he is our board chairman:

No one deserves to live in darkness anymore! There is Light for all. Light to Shine Foundation has come to give hope to the hopeless; to improve people’s lives by helping them stand up strong and be courageous to face their challenges! With Light to Shine Foundation, they – who come to Light – can no longer stumble, but instead have the ability to shine even to their livelihoods and their loved ones! We thank God, Who gave our founders Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Olweny the vision and the desire to serve the less fortunate in our society. There is indeed nothing of greater value in this world, especially of us who are in the Light, than to obey Matthew 5:16. 

I am indeed grateful that Light to Shine Foundation saw it well to grant me the opportunity to serve as their board Chairperson. Serving among great servants of honor in this Board is a privilege. But more important is the mission and the mandate to share the Greatest News on Earth about Jesus who is the Source of the Light (John 8:12). With love and passion for the less fortunate in our community, my colleagues and I have trust in God’s Providence, with what He has already bestowed on us and what we hope for. The work is overwhelming but Light to Shine gives us hope too. We are here to carry the Light to the people out there who need it. This is possible when God works in us through Light to Shine Foundation. God bless Light to Shine Foundation.

fredrick okoth


Fred is Pastor at Good News Kenya, married and father of two girls. He lives in Kisumu, where he is serving the Lord in and around his church. 

elijah ogoye


Elijah is the CEO of Light to Shine Foundation and therefore the secretary of the board. Elijah is married and father of two. He is an elder in AIC Ramba in Kisumu. Elijah has a passion for the sick and needy. He loves the Lord and sharing with the others the Good News.

Charles Arodi


Charles is a pastor at AIC…. in Homabay. He also oversees the orphanage attached to the church. Charles is married to Julia and together they have been blessed with two daughters. 

Vitalis odoyo


Vitalis Odoyo is a reverend at AIC Ramba. He has been in the ministry for many years, serving the Lord faithfully, being an example for many. Vitalis is married to Judy and has four children.