Prayer changes things

We would like to ask you to pray for the work of Light to Shine Foundation. Because, prayer changes things.

The work of Light to Shine Foundation is very special and valuable for the people in need, therefore prayer is most essential. Pray that we may reach people with the Gospel, that we may speak the right words and meet the right people to encourage.

Also pray that the workers of Light to Shine Foundation may receive strength, patience, health and love to carry out the mission.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for the citizens in Kenya as the economic situation is very hard at the moment.
  • Pray that the presidential elections in August ’22 will be peaceful.
  • Pray that Light to Shine Foundation may grow and will get enough funding in order to grow.
  • Pray as we start to safe for a 4WD car, so that we can reach our patients better.
  • Praise God for His faithfulness.
  • Praise God for faithful sponsors. 
  • Praise God that we have received rains in Kisumu and environment but pray for counties affected by severe drought.