Nutritional Support

Nutritional support

Most of our patients live in rural areas and mainly live off their own crops. As good as that is, it remains a fragile existence. In recent years it was either very dry or there was too much rain, resulting in minimal harvests. In addition to growing their vegetables, people regularly have a small trade, for example in vegetables and fruit, charcoal or second-hand clothing. However, this extra income is gone as soon as they become ill and are no longer capable of doing this themselves. There is no social safety net and family members are often financially struggling themselves also. This makes providing healthy and sufficient food almost impossible.

Add to this the fact that they have to take AIDS inhibitors on a daily basis and are often malnourished. That is why Light to Shine Foundation chooses to bring a nutritious package every week. Such a package includes: dried beans or lentils, rice or ground corn (which is used to make a firm corn porridge), dried fish (long shelf life without a refrigerator and very nutritious), a pack with which they can make porridge themselves, milk (if people cannot eat well on their own). In addition, there is fruit and a bottle with which they can purify the water and they receive a bar of soap. This soap is used to wash clothes, but also to wash oneself and the dishes. Good hygiene is important.

The Light to Shine Foundation also wants to look into the possibilities of offering patients a monthly care package. This will include the following: toothbrush and toothpaste, petroleum jelly, washcloth and possibly sanitary towels.

Do you want to offer practical help? Give a food package or help Light to Shine Foundation to make the hygiene packages.


A food package for 1 patient costs average of 7,50 euros per week.

If you would like to donate for food packages specifically, please transfer your donation to NL76 INGB 0000 8151 98 in the name of NGW in Apeldoorn, stating ‘Light to Shine 404.03 food packages’