continuation of Max

Continuation of the story of Max. He got more sick and needed to be admitted in the hospital. Read how it is going….

The story of Max

Max is a young boy of only 20 years old. He lives with his mother and siblings in a semi-permanent house, made with a wooden frame, filled with mud. When we arrived the first day he is laying on some old pieces of foam, in the small sitting room of the house. His mother tells us that he got sick, was admitted in one of the government hospitals here in town and developed some pretty bad bed sores. She continues by telling us that his legs are paralyzed, due to tuberculosis, the reason why he is laying on the floor.
I check his wounds and dress them. They don’t look well and I know this is going to take is quite some months to get it all closed. The pieces of foam he is laying on are in terrible condition and I am quite concerned about it as it is not hygienic at all.
Max is feeling a bit insecure when I am helping him, but after some talk and jokes he is feeling more okay, I can tell.

When I leave his place I can’t stop thinking about him and his situation. I know we cannot fix everything, and we don’t have to. But I have to do something about his mattress at least. I share a post on social media and shortly after that we received some funds to buy a new mattress for him. A few days later we bring him the new mattress. The mother is almost in tears of happiness and she is dancing in the room, so grateful she is! Max isn’t saying much, but the smile on his face says it all. I change the bandages and carry him to sit in a chair. His mother will carry him back, after we are gone.

As we leave the place his mother is putting some bedsheets on the bed and while she does that, she kneels on the bed and is thanking the Lord for His mercies. I am humbled. It is not about us, not about me going there every other day, it is all about the Lord and His love and care for us. That is what we do, sharing and caring!

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