The story of Max

Max is a young boy, paralyzed and suffering with bed sores. Light to Shine is helping him with wound dressing, a new mattress and food.

Continuation of Max

Every other day I am visiting Max and his wounds are improving drastically. I am so happy to see that and his mother probably more. But then, one day, I come in the house and see that Max isn’t doing well. He is pretty sick and seems confused. After some debated with the mother we decide to take him to a doctor tomorrow, who has his own clinic somewhere in town. If you want to go to a public hospital we might only see a clinic officer or a student doctor, we need better care for Max now.
When we arrive at the doctors office the next day, Max is even more confused. The doctor is telling us that he needs urgently some medical attention and needs to be admitted. We have no choice but to take him to a public hospital. He is spending there around 5 nights. His mother tells me that Max is crying a lot and asking if the white nurse (which is me) can please come to do his wounds…  We bought laughed about it, but we both knew how sad it was, as it shows how the care is in a public hospital.

Max is finally home and I go there to dress his wounds. When I see them I am shocked and it is hitting me hard, the wounds have worsened… I get myself together and clean and dress the wounds. I feel like I did it all for nothing, those weeks, going there so often, trying my best. But I know it is not vane. We will try again and give it all I have. Together with the mother we make sure everything is clean and Max is feeling comfortable. We get him some strong painkillers because he is suffering a lot and only got Panadol in the hospital. Max is so grateful he is back home and that I am coming to help him again. It’s going to be a long road, still… But we will try our level best!

May you please pray for Max and his mother?